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We have a grand vision that
extends far beyond mere

We specialize in embarking on challenging projects, fostering enduring partnerships, and crafting OEM product lines of exceptional quality. With over 50 years of specialized OEM experience, Nelson has mastered the art of delivering excellence on a grand scale. Our approach isn't about catering to everyone; it's about identifying our niche audience and making a significant impact.

We don't clinch contracts by undercutting our competitors on price; we win because we are unparalleled in our field. Our purpose, as articulated in Nelson's Statement, is to "Be a company that Customers want to buy from, Employees want to work for and Ownership want to invest in". This ethos drives us to continually innovate, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in manufacturing. Many of the products we manufacture are critical to the success of prominent brands while every project we undertake is a testament to our adaptability and expertise. Whether it's pioneering new product ideas or seamlessly executing complex fabrication processes, Nelson sets the benchmark for quality and reliability. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, coupled with a highly skilled workforce, ensures that each product we deliver exceeds expectations.

We are among our primary customers, which sets us apart. Nelson operates with a distinctive business model. Our Contract Manufacturing (CM) Division sustains two exclusive product lines: ACUDOR  and AMD . While our CM division reinforces our proprietary brands, these brands, in turn, enhance our ability to cater to OEM customers. Our ownership of these products allows us to grasp and appreciate the intricacies of product development, market temperament, promotion, distribution, and beyond. Our expertise in sheet metal fabrication shines particularly bright in fields like Science, Medical, Construction, and Automotive Dealerships. At Nelson, we don't just fabricate products; we forge enduring relationships. Our success as an OEM producer stems from our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. With Nelson by your side, you're not just getting a manufacturer; you're gaining a partner committed to your success.

The Continuous Bench – spanning the shop from wall-to-wall.

Lexus Dealership continuous bench

Lexus Dealership continuous bench

Porsche dealership certified shop furniture


Before Nelson was involved in designing auto dealership shop furniture, mechanics would work from drawer cabinets on wheels in each bay where efficiency was lost. Nelson began their research into better auto bay structures by looking at kitchen cabinet systems and how they used small space work areas to reduce steps and time. From that research came the Continuous Bench design, a configuration that spans the shop from wall-to-wall, ensuring the shop is free of gaps where clutter might collect. Nelson's modularity means that no system need be exactly the same, and its flexibility gives technicians the ability to customize their own workspace, to maximize their productivity.

We have been an OEM manufacturer of Lab furniture for more than 30 years with our products found in many of the top Universities and Research Institutes in N. America. In recent years our multitasking Lab Benches have found success as a complete system when matched with our cabinet series.

Nelson is the primary OEM manufacturer for a leading innovator in the medical equipment industry. This customer specializes in the development and distribution of forward-thinking products where infection control and cross-contamination is a concern.

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum


Acudor  logo

Establishing the ACUDOR brand in 1976 marked the inception of safer access solutions, with our first round corner door and one-piece frame. Since then, ACUDOR has risen to global prominence, offering an unrivaled selection of access doors and hatches, solidifying its leadership position in the industry.


Nelson AMD logo

Nelson's Architectural Metals Division (“AMD”) is known for providing innovative solutions for metal ceiling, wall, or decorative projects. Our team of engineers, designers, and fabricators are committed to providing turn-key supply solutions, often starting from just concept sketches.

Over the past thirty years, we have worked on major transportation, infrastructure, hotel, and commercial projects throughout North America. We believe that craftsmanship can coexist with technology, and this belief has brought about significant changes that we embrace. Our achievements make us proud of the contribution we have made to the architect's catalog of options available.

Have questions or eager to discuss your ideas? Head over to our Contact page and share what's on your mind. We believe that creativity stems from brilliant ideas, and we have the tools and expertise to transform those concepts into tangible outcomes.